If you are planning to run a commercial operation, build a jetty or film an area on a Te Arawa lake you must first seek the permission of the landowner. The Te Arawa Lakes Trust Settlement in September 2006 saw the vesting of 13 lakes to the Te Arawa Lakes Trust as fee simple title. These lakes include:-


Rotorua | Rotoiti | Rotoehu | Rotomā | Ōkataina | Tikitapu | Ōkareka | Tarawera | Rotomahana | Rerewhakaaitu

Ngāhewa | Ngāpouri | Tutaeinanga


Te Arawa Management Limited (TAML) was established by Te Arawa Lakes Trust, and in 2018 was made responsible for administering the assets of Te Arawa Lakes Trust including the lakebeds of the above named lakes. TAML is therefore responsible to licence:


(i) new residential, commercial and Crown owned structures;

(ii) the modification of existing residential, commercial and Crown owned structures and

(iii) commercial activities and events.


You can view the Te Arawa Lakes Settlement Act and the legislation relating to lake structures and commercial activities here

For information on residential and commercial lake structures and to apply for a lease please click here

For information on activities and events please click here

To apply for a licence to film please click here