National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management

The management of freshwater in our Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes is critical for the achievement of Te Arawa goals and values.  The government is revising the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management (NPS-FM) to require regional councils to improve freshwater management. This includes giving effect to Te Mana o te Wai as a core concept freshwater management.

Te Mana o te Wai requires the involvement of iwi and hapū in freshwater management to identify and reflect tangata whenua values and interests.  Much work on identifying and promoting those values and interests has been done already and it is crucial that Te Arawa iwi and hapū engage in this round of freshwater planning to ensure that work is built on and reflected in policies and plans for the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes.


The Te Arawa Lakes Trust recently ran 2 workshops to

  • Introduce the revised NPS-FM and its freshwater planning framework;
  • Review the engagement options for iwi and hapū;
  • Seek guidance from Te Arawa iwi and hapū on the preferred means of engagement and involvement in this process.

A sincere thank you to those who were able to participate in the first round of Engagement Hui.

We enjoyed the open and honest discussion about future engagement with the regional council regarding the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPS-FM) for the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes.


Feedback provided included the following:

  • The need to engage with their own hapū and iwi first before expressing their preference of engagement method(s) for the upcoming process.
  • A preference for Te Arawa to push for, and mobilise to be involved in, a faster implementation process. Ta Toby has directed us to coordinate a hui of technicians to scope how we might progress a faster implementation process.
  • The need for Council staff to build their own cultural capability before engaging with Tangata Whenua.
  • Importance of clear communication to ensure our hapu/iwi know what's coming up.

A brief survey has been prepared for our attendees - we'd appreciate your thoughts on how the hui went and how we could improve our future hui. Please go to

Please click here for copies of the presentations from TALT and Regional Council’s NPSFM presentation.


More hui will be held over the coming weeks and months - we will let you know when and where these will be held.